News • March 22, 2022

Chesapeake Announces $5 Million Donation to Ukraine Humanitarian Relief 

As Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues, Chesapeake announced a $5 million donation to provide medical care, food supplies and housing and emergency support for Ukrainian civilians and refugees.

“The images out of Ukraine and the suffering of Ukrainian people have been shocking and heartbreaking and this donation represents our full support and commitment to help those most in need in their fight against injustice,” said Chesapeake CEO Nick Dell’Osso.

Dell’Osso continued with a comment about the role energy security plays in this crisis. The Russia-Ukraine conflict highlights Europe’s reliance on Russian natural gas and the U.S.’s need for a stable oil and natural gas market.  
“This gratuitous war has reinforced that we must think long term about how to increase the world’s energy security. This means building additional pipeline and LNG infrastructure so that American producers can supply more natural gas to Europe,” said Dell’Osso. “American-produced natural gas is available now, is lower carbon than much of the world’s energy supply and allows for greater global energy security. Chesapeake Energy and all of our 1,300 dedicated team members stand ready to answer the call.”

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