News • JaNuary 23, 2023

Marcellus Celebrates Four Years with Zero Recordable Employee Injuries 

  • Our Marcellus operations recently celebrated four years with a zero employee Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR).
  • This milestone honors the dedication of our Marcellus team and reiterates the importance of our comprehensive safety program.
  • At the celebration event, Marcellus employees challenged themselves to reach five years without an employee recordable injury.

At Chesapeake, safe operations are foundational to our core purpose. On December 18, 2022, Chesapeake’s Marcellus team achieved four years with an employee TRIR of zero. Recently, Marcellus employees gathered to celebrate their dedication to safety and set a goal of another year of zero TRIR.

 “You don’t get to four years without an employee recordable injury by chance; it takes constant focus on safety from everyone — not only to ensure personal safety, but also the safety of each of our coworkers,” said Eric Hottenstein, Chesapeake HSE Supervisor – Marcellus

At the celebration, team members reiterated the importance of Chesapeake’s safety programs that played a crucial role in this accomplishment. From daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA) meetings and safety leadership engagements to Stop Work Authority and our Good Catch program, keeping safety top of mind and empowering employees to put safety first drives Chesapeake’s Stay Accident Free Everyday (S.A.F.E.) culture.

“From the entire leadership team, congratulations and thank you to our Marcellus team for being company leaders in safety. We celebrate your hard work and commitment to continue this level of safety excellence,” said Matt Garner, Chesapeake HSER VP.


On January 11, Marcellus employees and leadership celebrated this incredible achievement.

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