Our employees are Chesapeake’s greatest asset, and their energy, passion and skill are the driving force behind any success the company enjoys. 

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As of Dec. 31, 2020

With such a talented team, collaboration is key to our company’s strength. Our One CHK culture breaks down silos and encourages teamwork in reaching our performance goals. It also values every voice by respecting and celebrating differences and the diverse perspectives that fuel innovation. 

We dedicate resources to intentionally shaping and sustaining our One CHK culture. From leadership engagement and employee training to goal setting, we invest in our culture to achieve peak company performance. 

We also encourage honest, timely dialogue among our employees and are responsive to their concerns. For example, as a result of direct employee feedback, Chesapeake employees are now afforded additional flexibility in determining their work location to optimize efficiencies and their effectiveness. 

People Focused. Performance Driven.

The company’s compensation program is designed to attract, retain and competitively compensate top talent while aligning compensation with company performance. 

Our performance management program makes each employee responsible for Chesapeake’s success as employees set individual annual goals that support the company’s business objectives. Those employees who meet or exceed their goals receive a higher bonus payout.

Environmental and safety metrics have always played a prominent role in determining employee compensation. For 2021, we increased that commitment by adjusting our annual incentive plan to require the company to meet certain ESG metrics before employees are eligible for “above target” payouts, regardless of performance in other areas of the business.

This pay-for-performance program, coupled with an industry-defined salary structure, creates greater transparency among employees about how their performance impacts their total compensation. Not only does this instill a sense of fairness across the organization, we’re also able to accurately reward our top performers.

In addition to compensation, we support our employees with a competitive benefits package.

Benefits Program

  • 401(k) employer match 
  • Comprehensive health insurance as well as mental health support programs
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • 11 company-paid holidays each year
  • Abundant paid time off, including parental leave for mothers and fathers
  • Adoption assistance and parental leave 
  • Flexible work schedule with remote working options

Talent Management

We view talent management as an investment in our employees. From our training programs to our career advisory initiatives, our goal is to help Chesapeake employees reach their full potential while driving company success.

Supporting our employees’ personal growth begins by equipping the leaders who manage them. Managing and cultivating employee growth is a skill in and of itself, and we offer extensive trainings to help our leaders learn actionable coaching and feedback skills. We view this effort as foundational for all people leaders, which is why we require leaders to include specific actions around developing talent and building strong teams as part of their annual personal goals. 

Professional Development Program

Specific to our individual employees, we offer a number of professional development opportunities for team members to pursue additional education or enhance their expertise. 

  • 100% reimbursement for professional certification tests
  • Tuition reimbursement up to the IRS maximum of $5,250 per year, per employee
  • Professional development training for all employees emphasizing teamwork, leadership and career growth
  • Petro-technical training supporting specialized courses across the engineering, geology and land disciplines
  • eLearning platform with access to more than 1,000 web-based electives designed to build business acumen and technical skills
  • Technical courses for non-technical employees designed to breakdown silos and increase industry knowledge

In 2020, we invested more than $261,000 in 66 employees’ continued college or graduate school education.

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