Supporting the individual well-being of our employees is foundational to our safety culture. We champion healthy lifestyles and offer resources encouraging our employees to put their health first. 

Employee Health and Well-Being Program

  • Preventive care
  • Physical health benefits
  • Mental health support
  • Work-life integration

Supporting Employee Health

Across the company, employees are offered preventive programs and are incentivized to complete an annual screening for common health-related issues. In 2021, 66% of our workforce completed a health check and received a reduced insurance rate as a result.

To further support employee health, our corporate campus includes a fitness center that offers chiropractor visits, physical therapy, personal training, nutritional counseling and group classes focused on physical fitness, stress relief and relaxation. 

Employees who don’t work at our corporate campus can schedule phone meetings with the fitness staff or nutritionist. Our fitness center staff also offers free workout videos through our center’s YouTube channel, available for any employee to access at any time. Hundreds of employees have logged on remotely to participate in these workouts. 

In addition to our competitive healthcare benefits, Chesapeake offers Teladoc memberships to employees and dependents enrolled in our health plan, allowing them to connect in minutes with a board-certified and state-licensed physician who can diagnose and treat common illnesses via phone or video 24 hours a day. 

Recognizing Mental Health Needs

Mental health is an increased area of focus for the company, further brought to the forefront because of the pandemic. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has been an important part of our benefits package for years, but we increased our promotion during COVID-19 to highlight support for our employees’ emotional and mental wellness. 

All employees have access to our EAP from the first day of employment, regardless of their health insurance plan. Employees and members of their households each receive six free, confidential counseling sessions per issue, per year. Our EAP can also provide referrals to help employees and their families cope with different life stages and challenges, such as prenatal planning, child or elder care, financial guidance and resources and legal support. In 2021, our EAP provided over 500 services to Chesapeake employees and their families.  

We also offer a number of programs and policies to promote job satisfaction and to help employees manage stress. These trainings provide employees with tools, techniques and skills to manage emotions with confidence and positive results.

Work-Life Integration

We recognize that our employees have full lives outside of work and that achieving a work-life balance can be difficult. For this reason, we support an integration of work and life priorities. To help our employees achieve this, we offer four hours of flexible scheduling each week in lieu of using paid time for personal or medical appointments. 

On our corporate campus, we offer a number of work-life conveniences. For example, our Child Development Center offers quality childcare within walking distance of all offices.

We consistently review our benefits package for opportunities to support employees as they grow their families. We offer adoption assistance to help employees with qualified adoption expenses. We also offer up to four weeks of paid parental leave for all employees following a birth or adoption. 

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